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Camping trailers allow you to enjoy the outback, hassle free

A camping trailer is a simple package. A trailer with the tent already in place, ready to be setup in no time at all. Just park the camper trailer where the tent will go, and the tent can be setup with no stress, in just 10 minutes.

The great outdoors. Camping, enjoying the peace, relaxing, stress free. Once, setting up your tent brought it's own stresses before the relaxation could even begin. This is no longer the case with camper trailers. Innovactive camping trailers designs are the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors because they give you more time to enjoy your holiday. It's a whole lot quicker than setting up a tent. You can pull up to camp late afternoon, and within 10-15 minutes, be completely setup, get a fire going, and start cooking. On the other hand, with a tent, an hour or so of daylight would be required just for setup.

Camper Trailers allow you to:

  • Travel further away for camping
  • Set up later in the day, and setup the trailer in a much shorter amount of time, meaning more time to enjoy the outdoors
  • Still be very comfortable


    Camping Trailer Photos:

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    Types of Camper Tents and Trailers:

    • Basic Camper Tents such as those available from are a basic option that provides the tent gear, ready to be placed within your own trailer, ready for camping.
    • Semi Off-Road Trailers. An affordable camp trailer made for every day use, but not suited to harsher outback conditions.
    • Off Road Camper Trailers. Usually include heavy duty springs, spare wheel mounted on an upright stand, a rigid draw bar and a solid axle.


    Holidaying In A Camper Trailer - Romance Of A Leisurely Holiday

    There are many people who love the romance of a leisurely holiday. A leisurely holiday is very much different from a hurried one and it rejuvenates you completely. Time stands still during such holidays and regales you with many fascinating experiences. If you want to have such wonderful and enjoyable experiences, holidaying in a camper trailer is the best option. As they say, "change is the spice of life" and so, such novel experiences will uplift your enthusiasm and excitement. At the same time, hiring camper trailers need not be an expensive proposition. By doing a proper research, you can hire a trailer at an affordable cost.  Another advantage is that you can have the liberty of choosing the place you want to visit. You can also choose the way you want to live during the holidays. But, when you select a trailer, you should ensure that the tow bar of the camping trailer is quite sturdy and strong.

    It will be a great experience to travel by a camper trailer like those available from GIC Campers here: It is not necessary that you should travel continuously. If you want to relax, you can park the trailer on the side of the highway or road and relax. If you choose off road camper trailers, travel will be more comfortable because you will not feel the impact of bad roads. You will also not be affected by the dust of the roads also. Even if the road has gravel and potholes, you will not face any problem. There is no worry about the vagaries of weather such as rain or sunshine.

    There are a few points you should bear in mind while you wish to have a holidaying in a camper trailer:

    - While holidaying in a camper trailer, you should ensure to have a few important items with you. These will be useful not only for maintaining your health during your holidaying but for making your life comfortable and happy also. You may be traveling long distances and the weather conditions may suddenly change. This may affect your health and that of your children and other family members. Therefore, it is imperative that you should take utmost precaution about the health of the entire family during such holidaying. In other words, by having these essential items with you, you will be enjoying as if you are having a picnic daily during your holidays. Even if you travel through forest areas, holidaying in camper trailers Australia will protect you from the wild animals. At the same time, you will not be deprived of the pleasure of enjoying the scenic beauty of these areas.

    - You can travel across the country and you will not feel tired traveling such long distances because you can relax whenever you want. To make your holidaying a pleasure, it is necessary that you have with you sufficient quantities of all essential items. You need potable water as well as water for washing and taking bath. So, you should have two water tanks separately and they should hold a good quantity of water.  You need to have food supplies or grocery items and a gas stove for preparing your food. A well-equipped first-aid box with all essential medicines is a very important item you should have with you.  A camera, a good torch, cosmetics and toiletries should also be there.  Even before you start your journey, you should procure all these things and keep them ready. Most importantly, you need a map that may guide you during your travel.

    - Unlike in other types of holidaying, you can sleep like a king if you decide to have holidaying in a camper trailer. You can carry with you appropriate bedding and pillows so that you can have such a delicious slumber during these holidays. If you make arrangements for mosquito protection also, you can have an undisturbed sleep.

    - You should never face shortage of food supplies during your holidaying in a camper trailer. In remote areas, you may not get the supplies you need. It is better you avoid eating out and therefore, if you have sufficient groceries and a gas stove, you can prepare your own food. This will keep the entire family healthy. Further, you should make it a point to eat on time so that your health and that of your family members do not get affected. You can not maintain large supplies of perishable items like milk, fruits, etc. but before you start the journey, you can procure canned fruit, milk that is stored in tetra packs, eggs, canned meat, etc. But, you should ensure that these items do not contain any chemical preservatives because these preservatives may be harmful to your health.  By keeping all the essential items with you, you can make your holidaying in a camper trailer an enjoyable and memorable experience.