Standard Lab Equipment and Supplies You'd Expect to find in a Science Laboratory

Science laboratories are usually those places where any form of scientific research or scientific experimentation is carried out. In order to conduct such type of research or experiment, a laboratory should be fully equipped with the correct lab equipments. If you have a chemistry lab at a school, the usual lab equipment you will expect to find would be test tubes, test tube racks, test tube holders, reagent bottles, beakers, bunsen burners, crucibles, droppers, evaporating dishes, filter funnels, flat bottomed flasks, round bottomed flasks, mortar and pestles, spatulas, stand and clamps, measuring cylinders, electronic balances, tripods and wire gauze. This is the very important basic science equipment one should expect to find in a science laboratory.

science lab equipment

There are of course several types of medical laboratories as well. These are much more sophisticated because of the kind of experiments done here. Mostly these are labs that carry out very crucial medical experiments and require very highly sophisticated lab equipments very different from the regular equipments being used in a school lab. The equipments used at a medical laboratory would be balances and scales, centrifuges, chromatography, constant temperature equipment, filters, lab cleaning supplies, lab furniture and bio-hoods, lab safety and apparel, laboratory apparatus, laboratory chemicals, laboratory consumables, laboratory glassware, laboratory gloves, laboratory instruments, laboratory media, labware and accessories, microscope accessories, microscopes, pipets and liquid handling, refrigerator and freezer accessories, refrigerators and freezers, reproduction systems, safety glasses, spectrophotometers, viscosimeters and ph meters.

There are several lab equipment suppliers. These companies that specialize in lab supplies could either be manufacturers or suppliers. If you want to order these laboratory supplies for your science lab, it would be good to keep in mind a few things. Since labs are dangerous places to work, you should trust your supplier and be sure of the quality of the lab equipments that are being supplied to you.