Considering a String Quartet

Bring your Melbourne Wedding to Life with a String Quartet

    Your wedding is a special event that you may have been looking forward to for years. Many young girls dream about one day meeting the man of their dreams and walking down the aisle in the perfect white dress. Now that the time has arrived to plan your wedding, you want every detail to be perfect. You may have chosen the ideal reception venue, such as at Café Italia Restaurant, Encore St. Kilda, Butleigh Wootton or another venue. Choosing the right reception site can provide you with the ambiance you want for your reception. However, one of the best steps that you can take to ensure that the ambiance for your wedding is perfect is to hire a Melbourne string quartet for the live entertainment. There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy by doing do. 

    string quartet at wedding

    Sweet Sounds
    String quartets in Melbourne like feature the amazing talents of some of the most renowned local musicians. Some play in a quartet for a full-time living, and their talents are impressive enough to support themselves financially on. Others who may be equally as talented have chosen to play in a quartet as a side job on the weekends. Both can produce sweet sounds from their instruments, and these sounds can fill the air of your reception in a way that a DJ spinning rock and pop music cannot. The overall ambiance will be more sophisticated and upscale when you hire a wedding string quartet.

    Down the Aisle
    While many brides will choose to use a Melbourne string quartet for reception entertainment, some will also use their services at the wedding ceremony. In many churches, a piano or organ is available to provide music for the ceremony. However, some brides want to enjoy a different sound for their wedding service music. In some cases, brides in Melbourne choose not to get married in a traditional church setting. For example, some may get married at their reception site, at the beach and more. A wedding string quartet like can provide music for the service when a piano or organ is not available or suitable. 

    The Look and Feel of Your Event
    While you may consider using a string quartet Melbourne largely for the music they can provide on your wedding day, it is important to note that these musical groups also provide a different image for your event. Simply consider how a DJ’s booth will look sitting off in a corner of your reception site. Now, consider how different a string quartet would look at your event. Many people choose to upgrade their musical experience and bypass the service of a DJ.

    You have many choices to consider as you plan the musical entertainment for your wedding and reception. A wedding string quartet (read more about options for a string quartet at your wedding at is ideal for your wedding if piano and organ music are not suitable or available for the event. At the reception, a string quartet can provide sophisticated sounds and a more sophisticated look to your event. These musical groups are limited in number in the local Melbourne or Sydney area, so be sure to reserve your musical talent early.