The Benefits of Wearing Tall Elevator Shoes for men

What are the benefits of wearing height increasing shoes?

So, who wears elevator shoes and what are the benefits of wearing one over regular shoes?  The answer may seem obvious – that the wearer wants to gain an inch or so in height through their shoes.  But, the real answer can be far more complicated than that.

Obviously, with wearing taller shoes such as those available from or elevator shoes, height is always an issue.  There are some people who were not born very tall and they may want to appear taller.  Shoes that give an illusion of height is the surest way to achieve this, whether you be male or female.  With girls, it is very acceptable to be wearing high heels, so hiding the shoe lifts is not necessary.  With men however, they have to be more subtle and the tall shoes should be designed in such a way that people cannot tell outright that you are wearing one.

There are shoe manufacturers out there that design such shoes.  A well-designed elevator shoe should hide the fact that it is padded and still be comfortable for the wearer.  You wouldn’t want to wear shoes that scream “I am wearing shoe lifts!”, right?  That is why finding a good, discreet, and comfortable pair of tall shoes is advisable for those wanting to buy one.

For women, wearing high heels is part of fashion.  With men, however, it is a matter of adding confidence to their stance.  There is something more commanding about tall guys and this may be one of the reasons that some men would want to own at least one pair of tall shoes.  An extra inch in height may give them the much needed boost in confidence that could spell the difference in their self esteem.  And there is always the issue that girls are more attracted to taller guys, which gives men who are vertically challenge all the more reason to be buying and wearing elevator shoes.

Whatever the reason one has in wearing shoes with extra height, one thing is certain:  with men, unlike women, discretion is always key.